In today’s world of growing populations and instant connections via the internet and cell phone, resource development is always going to be in someone’s ‘back yard’.

Performance is judged not only by regulators and investors but also local stakeholders and the court of public opinion. Errors can be costly and the risk of conflict is ever-present. Companies are looking to gain and maintain acceptance for their activities – a Social License to Operate – from the communities where they operate.

We work with companies and communities to help build strong, healthy relationships, gain social acceptance and assist both parties manage the social, economic and cultural changes that come with resource development. Our approach is grounded in 20 years of listening to communities talk about their relationship with resource development projects; of what leads to broad acceptance or approval. It is rooted in the local context, inherently strategic, process based, and outcomes oriented. The objective is always to reduce risks and create results that are positive for all parties involved, particularly host communities. It guides all we do for our clients.